Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Gallery of Profoundly Disturbing Comic Book Covers

Hi Pals! In lieu of content, wacky comic book covers. Be warned though, the images to follow are cursed things. Beware lest ye be driven to madness, for once seen, such things cannot be unseen. Some of the nightmares that follow are not safe for work...or sanity!

....And finally, courtesy of France, we have this nightmare fuel, only the most fucked-uppest comic book cover I ever done seen:

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Cully said...

The 'Big Top" cover scared the bejeezus out of me.

joe bloke said...

ha! wicked post!! that World's Finest one has always been one of my favourites! it's just. . .it's just so. . .so very wrong. great stuff!

Tim said...

You know, Topper doesn't seem like such an amazing acrobat. I mean, his trapeze is only about three inches of the ground; it's an effort to swing on that thing.