Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Apocalypse According to Clowes

With all the dire news in the world, it sure is easy to start thinking about "The Apocalypse", isn't it? I mean, on one hill, you have the Beast, snorting and huffing with rage, his dark consort by his side, on the other, a would-be savior and his ranting oracle, warning of doom and tests to come. And meanwhile, all kinda crazy, awful shit is going on down in the valley below. I have the audacity to hope that the tall guy with the ears has the answer, but who knows? We might be doomed no matter what!!

But how can we prepare for the end of days? As usual, comics hold the key. None other than alt-cartoonist icon Dan Clowes warned us all of the tribulations to come nineteen years ago, when he was an unknown up-and-comer. Alas we were too blind to see, too foolish to heed his words (and pictures). Here then, from the pages of BLAB! #4, is Dan Clowes' "666: A Preview of the Coming Apocalypse":


"666: A Preview of the Coming Apocalypse"
Originally printed in BLAB! #4, Kitchen Sink Press,1989
Script, Art: D. Clowes

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Joe Crawford (artlung) said...

Apparently Leon Bates' "Projection for Survival" still exists out there: