Monday, October 20, 2008

Batman Meets the Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing

Back in 1982, readers of Marvel Two-In-One were cruelly taunted with the tantalizing possibility of a Thing team up with Batman (or a Batman-like character at very least), as the cover hinted at a pointy-eared guest star so startling that the Thing himself could barely believe his eyes. When we opened the book, hopes were dashed when the mystery character turned out to just be crappy perennial Nova villain, The Sphinx. Wotta letdown.

I recently re-read 2003's JLA/Avengers, and was reminded of that issue when I came across this scene in the second issue:

Kurt Busiek and George Perez crafted an overall fantastic series here, full of fanboy eye candy, possibly indecipherable to the layman, but 110% awesome to those in the know. Throughout the whole story, this scene in the Batcave was my favorite bit. The Thing is only an avenger by the thinnest of technicalities (Hawkeye badgered him into joining the West Coast Avengers for one issue before events in Fantastic Four drew him back), but bless Busiek for including him even briefly in JLA/Avengers, and bless Perez for drawing it so well. The Thing, no stranger to fantastic headquarters, tours the Batcave bemusedly, while Batman is obviously nonplussed by the brutish, wisecracking human rockpile invading his Bat-turf:

The story then goes on to matters more cosmic, but what a great little scene. Ben Grimm is probably my favorite character in all comics, and it is always fun to see him interact with other, more uptight characters. Given the rivalry between Marvel and DC, this one, short encounter between Batman and the Thing may be the first and only meeting between these two iconic superheroes.


Grebo said...

Aw! That was adorable!

I've never read JLA/Avengers, but I'm sure I will someday. (I'll look for the TPB next time I'm at the store.) It looks like the bees knees. Busiek is such an epic comic geek that he's obviously perfect for this title.

I gotta say, also, I loved this line: "Batman is obviously nonplussed by the brutish, wisecracking human rockpile invading his Bat-turf" -- Man! You really know how to turn a phrase. This is why I love your blog. It makes me happy.

Thank you for the great post!

Avocet said...

You know what I really loved about this miniseries? We finally got a Marvel/DC crossover that's in continuity!