Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fatman, Tinman, and the Battle of the Century!

How about some more of C.C. Beck's Fatman? Here's the last story from, The "fat-packed" first issue of Fatman the Human Flying Saucer #1 which actually had several tales, one introducing Anti-Man, and the other, skinny teen hero Tinman. Well, we already saw an origin story, so this time, enjoy the mayhem and whimsey of "The Battle of the Century!"

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"The Battle of the Century"
Originally printed in Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer #1
April 1967
Script: Otto Binder
Art: C.C. Beck


RAB said...

So a single issue not only introduced Anti-Man but also retconned his status a few pages later in a separate story? Revision-crazy comics creators of today can only envy such a speedy turnaround time...

This is just so good-natured and endearing it's a shame it didn't last. It has to be the name alone that sank it, don't you think?

Brian Hughes said...

Well, these were also 50-some pages and cost a quarter, this when other comics were going for 12 cents. A fantastic bargain to us, but steep at the time. I doubt the name had much to do with sales, regardless.

Joel Priddy said...

Beautiful stuff! Thanks for reproducing it. Kind of a shame about the silly fat jokes, but the flying saucer powers are great!

Zapski said...

Fantastic stuff! I've always been a fan of CC Beck's Marvel Family, and these are just a treat!