Monday, October 06, 2008

President Evil: The Brief, Underwhelming Presidency of Lex Luthor

Hey, remember when LEX LUTHOR became President of the United States back in 2000? And how the actual president ended up making Luthor look like a preferable alternative?

Lex spent a few years as president, but was effectively neutered as a villain by his presidency. Ultimately, President Luthor went too far, with some wacky scheme to frame Superman for a Kryptonite meteor while juicing himself with Kryptonite steroids and macking on Amanda Waller. Batman helped Superman expose his evil scheme, and the disgraced President Luthor went into hiding, resurfacing as a traditional Criminal Mastermind. Ultimately, reality rendered comic book supervillainy obsolete, with real-life events costing the real-life United States a lot more than a few campaigns against Superman.


Sea_of_Green said...

Proving once again that fiction isn't nearly as scary as reality. ;-)

coco67 said...

You know, Lex's Veep and successor as President, Pete Ross, is also a super-villain! Mister, we could use a man like Prez Rickard again!

Anonymous said...

Lex as president could have been a pretty fun story line.

it wasnt though.

it sucked.

Maybe Lex should have become Mayor of metropolis????

Really what are the chances of Americans electing someone to be president with NO political experience?????

Siskoid said...

Obviously, he rigged the election.

Who owns the Galaxy Network these days anyway? Any chance it's a FOX News-type deal? Nah, not even a communications empire built by Intergang money could be as shameless.

Finally: Who is the Stephen Colbert of the DCU? My money's on the Creeper.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

The modern Creeper is essentially Keith Olbermann. If only it were real. That'd be so damn cool...