Monday, November 10, 2008

There's No Fu Like an Egg Fu!

It's that time of the year again my friends; time to break out the diseased blankets, don our itchiest Pilgrim garb and load up on giblet-y rhubarb pie and gingerbread stuffing. Time to boil up another old Tom turkey and bake another beet loaf. Time to gather together with family, friends and frightening, unshaven, wild-eyed strangers. Time indeed, to gather 'round the table and share another bounty of crappy, crappy Thanksgiving Turkeys, Again With the Comics style.

Yes, for the month of November, we have another horn of plenty...plenty of lame-ass turkey super villains, that is! And what better way to start the feast than with a villain who indeed serves as an ingredient in the preparation of many a Thanksgiving day feast! An egg can be used to make stuffing or pie, but for WONDER WOMAN, an egg can only make...MURDER!! Without further ado, EGG FU:

Bob Kanigher (Script) and Ross Andru (Pencils) brought us the debut of Egg Fu in Wonder Woman # 157 and 158 in "I, the Bomb!" In the story, Wonder Woman is a human bomb, charged with dangerous energy. She can't touch anyone or kiss Steve Trevor, or she'll blow them up. we know this because she tells us repeatedly, over and over, again and again througout the first part of the story. Then Steve Trevor Gets explodey, too but they still cant kiss, and we hear about that for most of the second issue until they find and brutally murder Egg Fu:

Damn! Wonder woman just cracks his muthafuckin' haid open, then flies off laughing in her invisible jet. That, my friends, is hardcore.

Don't Worry, though, pals! Kanigher had a whole carton of evil eggs at his disposal, and before you know it, another smaller and more mobile Egg Fu (the Fifth!) was on the loose in Wonder Woman # 166:

Kanigher and Andru did double duty on Metal Men for DC, and in issue #20, of that even more off-kilter title, they faced a challenge that every storyteller confronts sooner or later. A giant cannibal robot, a giant birthday cake. And the Metal Men acting as robot "birthday candles" for the giant cannibal robot's giant birthday cake. But who could serve the giant cannibal robot his smaller-robot studded cake? WHO? Why, an enormous, bespectacled, Asian super-egg, of course. Duh.

Ha ha! Look at that cannibal robot licking his lips! He sure loves to eat cake. And Robots. Beside going back to the Egg Fu well a third time, Dr. Yes also incorporates that evergreen comic-writing crutch of awkwardly shoehorning in an otherwise unrelated pop-culture reference, in this case the then hot James Bond "Doctor No" film, in hopes of reeling in a few extras sales.

Egg Fu has returned to the DC Universe in recent years in the pages of 52 and Checkmate. He's all sadistic and scary now, and sadly, seems to have ditched the prehensile mustache:

As for the future, I'm not sure when another Egg-Fu will appear, but rest assured readers, that if one does, albumen-tioning it here, at Again With the Comics!


Grebo said...

Now I recognize, of course, that "classic" Egg Fu was horrible un-PC. It's natural that, when DC revamped him for the inevitable copyright-reinforcing comeback, he'd lose the accent and most of the Yellow Peril schtick. Still... I like the original a LOT better.

Thank you for posting this! It was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

That was outstanding! We all need a littel more Egg Fu in our lives. Thanks!

Captain Nice Guy said...

Prior to 52, I had only read of Egg Fu in an issue of Ambush Bug. And here I thought they were joking. I've got to know, though - when did Brian Bolland do his own interpretation of that cover? Is there a "Showcase Presents Egg Fu" that I don't know about?

Brian Hughes said...

The Bolland image is a pin-up from Wonder Woman v2 #120, which fact can be found in the "Scans Daily" post that I borrowed the scans for this article from. I linked to "The Essential Egg Fu!", posted by "Doop" in my post, and Doop really did his or her homework, posting both Egg fu stories in full. Go check it out.

Doc said...

Albumen-tioning it. *Groan*

Actually quite clever. Speaking personally, I appreciate the clever analysis as much as the good quality scans. Keep it up!

Brian Hughes said...

Heh heh - My best awful pun ever!