Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ditko's Darkroom

One more lazy reprint post, if only to get "the Sensual Santa" off the top of the page. This one's a tasty little Steve Ditko number from 1957, with some really nice black and white linework at play. This is one of my favorite periods of Ditko's work, and I really dig the last couple of pages in particular. Enjoy!


"From All Our Darkrooms..."
Originally printed in Out Of This World #4, Charlton,1957
Script (?) Art: Steve Ditko


Jeff said...

Nice Dr.Strange-esque window at the end there.. Cool story, thanks!

Cully said...

That's some purty Ditko work. I too love this era.

Belvoir said...

Fascinating that a 1957 story is set in 1972.. the fuuutuuure! 15 years, that's like 2023 to us.. it does seem pretty far and unknowable.

But the "future" aspect seems to have no bearing on the story.. but a very cool tale, thanks.

Joe Blow said...

Thanks for the reprint!! That era of Ditko is also my favorite. What a genius.
Mike in Florida

Horrible said...

Who wrote this?? Anybody have an idea??