Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Dizzy Dame Named Moronica!

With apologies to my female readers (if I haven't driven them all off already) today's politically incorrect selection comes from the notoriously titled Dizzy Dames #3, a delightful tale of a daffy damsel named Moronica!

Don't misunderstand, the rest of the issue was pretty dismal -and hair-raisingly sexist- stuff, but "Moronica: Miss Nit-Wit of 1953" has something the rest of the issue hasn't: the lively, wonderful cartooning of animation veteran Owen Fitzgerald! Also, and it may just be my fondness for the purty pictures speaking, but while Moronica is indeed moronic, none of the rest of the women in the story are especially "dizzy". Anyway, enjoy and/or be horrified!

"Moronica: Miss Nit-Wit of 1953"
Originally printed in Dizzy Dames #3, ACG,1953
Script (?) Art: Owen Fitzgerald


Anonymous said...

Y'know, there's just something beautiful about a hot blonde who drops down on all fours and puts her ass in the air when the word "position" is uttered.

Trace said...

"No ma'am, I'm a Republican!"


Bill said...

She's obviously a Republican. She despoils the environment and is okay with apartheid.

Grebo said...

Man, I'm sorry, but that chick is FINE!

Ambrose said...

Owen Fitzgerald, so that's who the guy was! I've got all of these, but they didn't credit the creators back then. His art was great, that of the other artists in the series, not so much.