Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very Again With the Comics Christmas


"The Sensual Santa" from Eightball #14, by Dan Clowes

If Again With the Comics seems to be chock full of public domain reprints and lazy posts lately, you can blame Santa Claus and his stupid birthday for eating up all my free time and depriving you of my insights once again. Indeed, every year, valuable bitching about old comics time is lost to the annual time and money vacuum known as Christmas.

Illustration From Neat Stuff #10, Peter Bagge

Sign the cards. Mail the cards. Buy the gifts. No, she already has three of those. Return the gifts. Buy other gifts. Mail the gifts. My God, the lines. Great Mammon, the crowds. Put up the decorations again. Then take the decorations back down! And what all this has to do with begging the magic giant in the sky to please, please bring the sun back, is beyond me. Bah, humbug to Christmas, sir! Humbug indeed!

But now that the big day is here, my heart has grown three sizes, Xmas spirit, magic of giving, etc... In that spirit of sharing and brotherhood, enjoy a cornucopia of holiday reruns, courtesy of Again With the Comics:

Spider-Man gets a lot more action South of the border! Check it out in:
The Sexy Bikini Adventures of El Sorprendente Hombre-AraƱa

Fit to be tied? There's "knot" a problem Golden Age Wonder Woman can't "whip"!
Ask Golden Age Wonder Woman

Agitated? Enjoy some soothing, highbrow artwork:
Thing Versus The Hulk Gallery

Co-produced by my 7-year old son, you've never seen anything like...
The Purple Golden Age Hulk

Meet Ace Bandage, Mummy P.I., star of:
Weird Mummy Detective Tales

I hope no one Seuss me for....
One Hulk, Two Hulk, Red Hulk, Blue Hulk

Assuming anyone still cares, here is:
My Red Hulk Theory

When not attending classes at Veidt High, OWLBOY, KID RORSCHACH, SPECTRA, JOHNNY COMEDY, and MANHA-TEEN have banded together to protect the world that their ancestors saved! Holy crap, its...
Young Watchmen: The Animated Adventures!

Anticipating his return to the pages of Brave and the Bold, we have:
An Open Letter from the Web to J. Michael Straczynski

Superman is a mean drunk!
The Drunken Abusive Superman!

Gloom, despair and agony on me, its..
Hee Haw Comics!

Whatever your flavor of Saturnalia, Happy Holidays from Again With the Comics!

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