Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frankenstein Versus the Prize Comics No-Stars

Inter-company crossovers are nothing new. Companies have been teaming up their big name characters since the days of the Justice Society of America. As far back as Prize Comics #25, 1942, titans such as Yank and Doodle, the Black Owl, the Green Lama, Doctor Frost, and the "comedy" team of the General and the Corporal joined together to battle the perfidy of FRANKENSTEIN in a story that begins with the words "UTTER FAILURE" and goes downhill from there. I nearly forgot to mention Bulldog Denny, Frankenstein's "greatest enemy" who quickly hands off all Frankenstein-related responsibilities to this pack of goofballs in order to run off to Washington to advise in "some defense project". By which I assume he means booze, babes, and not battlin' Frankenstein.

Yank. And Doodle. Oh, the Golden Age, don't ever change.

Wacky cartoon characters casually interacting with more realistic figures is another thing I miss in today's comics. Not these wacky cartoon characters, mind you. The General and the Corporal really suck and should stay in limbo forever.

I don't even know what to say about all that. How about: "Ha ha, Now you can't unsee it either."

Now to let Yank and Doodle have a crack at 'im!

Yank and Doodle!!
Yank and Doodle! They're like TWICE the Robin and NO Batman!

Then Frankenstein got so annoyed, he committed suicide. THE END.

Dick Briefer's Frankenstein began in Prize Comics # 7, and was normally much better. It started as a straightforward horror strip before morphing into a horror adventure strip (in which the monster fought the aforementioned Bulldog Denny) before again morphing into a more benign humor strip. The funny one was really, really good, but it took awhile to get there, denying Breifer's Frankenstein a significant place in comics history, save with the most obsessive of nerds. Ahem. ANYWAY, this bizarre little transitional yarn was the bridge between mean old scary Frankenstein and Light-hearted, all-American reformed Frankenstein.



Mego Thor said...

Wow! That story's wrong on so many levels. What really jumps out at me, though, is that "Black Owl" isn't in any way black.

Grebo said...

I'm amused to see that, as far as this single story goes, Frankenstein didn't doing anything wrong. Point in fact, he's happily interacting with his fuzzy, forest-dwelling friends... when all of a sudden a sarcastic mob of drag queens totally Pearl Harbors his ass! Wow. I'd kill myself too.

Karswell said...

At first I thought the opening narrative said "...put an end to the evil, wicked DONGS of the Frankenstein Monster." That would give a whole new definition to the actions of "Yank and Doodle."

And page 6. OMG. That is a "tail" ensnarling Frankenstein right?!!

Lucky for us Briefer kept at it, and of course got LOTS better. A fun post Brian.

Cully said...

This blew my mind wide open the first time I read it. It hurt twice as bad the 2nd. It was one of those moments when I asked myself, "Did I really read that?" I need more Frankenstein. Somebody has got to reprint this stuff. I've had the pleasure(?) of reading some of the horror and some of the humor stuff and I just can't get enough of it. But this freakin' masterpiece makes my brain hurt so much I had to save the images so I could relive the moment anytime I like. Thank you Brian. If you remember I was the guy with cancer who loved the cancer joke about asbestos man from the Human Torch strip. You had a great comment for me to hang in there. I have, and I'm winning. I love your site and check it for new stuff everyday. Keep me laughing. I'd buy you a beverage if I lived closer. ~ Cully ~