Sunday, January 25, 2009

Super Human Resources

Ken Marcus was kind enough to send me a copy of his and artist Justin Bleep's upcoming Super Human Resources miniseries for review, and I liked what I saw. Super Human Resources is all about the Human Resources department of the worlds greatest superhero team as seen through the eyes of Tim, their newest temp. The miniseries follows Tim from his first day on the job, meeting all the Super Crises International Crew, to playing secret Santa to the world's mightiest man, to a surprise birthday party for the company's zombie receptionist. Tim must also thwart a plot to replace the team with outsourced Indian child labor and contend with evil sentient office equipment. Wacky superheroes abound, interacting as co-workers in a cross between the Giffen JLA and Dilbert. The initial four-issue series begins in February from Ape Entertainment, and with Diamond pulling their current tricks, I'd recommend ordering ahead of time from your retailer if you want to see it at all. Diamond Previews order codes are as follows:
DEC083752 Issue One
DEC083753 (ALT Cover)
JAN093975 Issue Two
FEB094040 Issue Three

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