Friday, February 27, 2009

Gumbo Galahad is Laffin' at Yo'.

Reckon ah left out this Gumbo Galahad story from mah post on Hillbilly Comics, fer space considdy'rations, but summa them thar int'ry-net fellers is a-fussin' and a-fumin' bout th' dee-piction o' hill folk in thet thar critter. Given alla them comments, seems only proper to serve up this Hillbilly Bonus story from Hillbilly Comics #2, whar'in a buncha' high falootin' sassiety folk git outy-smarted by Gumbo Galahad, Screwball of the Hills!

Art/Story by Art Gates


Sea_of_Green said...

With a name like "Gumbo," he technically shouldn't be considered a Hillbilly. Sounds more like he should be from the swamps of Louisiana!

jlroberson said...

That's the area's UPSCALE restaurant?