Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wolverine Versus Spock!

What happens when cold Vulcan logic squares off against unbridled mutant fury? Who would win in a battle between the X-Men’s Wolverine and Star Trek’s Mister Spock? If you’re sane, it has probably never occurred to you to ask. Regardless, Marvel/Paramount's 1996 Star Trek/X-Men provided us with an answer with a brief confrontation between these two unlikeliest of combatants. Without further ado,

Okay, so OF COURSE Marvel pussed out and called the battle a draw. Haven’t read many crossover comics, have you, chum? In true team-up tradition, both sides get their licks in before declaring a truce and agreeing to work together. The main assault in this scene is on our senses, as this ...most illogical combination of characters is forced to ever so briefly share a space in a work of fiction! This ain’t all I have to say about Star Trek/X-Men either, pals. Fan fiction has nothing on some of the stuff Marvel has actually published!



Mego Thor said...

If this is to a series of articles, allow me to suggest the following title: When Fan-Fics Come True!

Sea_of_Green said...

I still say Spock woulda kicked Wolverine's ass!

googum said...

Y'know, I kinda liked the second one, but any story where Nightcrawler gets to, well, do something, pretty much gets a thumbs up from me.