Monday, March 02, 2009

Dare You Meet the Icy Gaze of Purring Pete?

The Space Canine Patrol Agents might seem silly until you realize the sheer volume of villainy they were up against in their area of the galaxy. In addition to he Canine Caper Gang, the heroic hounds had an entire Mutt and Meow gallery of canine crooks and feline felons to deal with!

FIDO FELON: Notorious leader of the Hydrant Hold-up Gang!
KID KITTY: The cat burglar who made off with the famous Litter Box Gems!
PLUNDER POOCH: Never met a chew toy he didn't steal!
GAT CAT: The Galaxy's Biggest Ball of Twine isn't there any more, thanks to Gat Cat!
HOLD-UP HOUND: This mongrel mugger loves to play fetch...with your wallet!
PURRING PETE: Vicious serial killer who toys with his victims for hours, purring all the while!

As if these, er, "solid" citizens weren't bad enough, the Agents also have to deal with PHANTY CATS, the pet cats of Phantom Zone criminals who were exiled with them in the Phantom Zone! There are no Phanty Dogs since apparently evil people don't own dogs. One can't help but wonder if there were also Phanty Hamsters, Phanty Bunnies, and Phanty Ant Farms as well.

Yes, there was a lot of crime in this canine and feline dominated space sector, a sector that was later meant to be assigned it's own Green Lantern... an assignment that didn't work out so well:


Mego Thor said...

This article has made me rethink what an "enlightened, beneficent" society Krypton must have been. Even though they "had no death penalty", what sort of sadistic dictator forces the condemned's pet to share his sentence?

In other news; Hooray, more Krypto!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it? are they just aliens that happen to look like earth dogs (and cats) or are they actual people's pets that have superpowers (like abilty to grow tusks I guess)

Brian Hughes said...

I don't think the cats were guilty of anything more than being a criminal's pet, but then they act evil in this story, so I guess prison made them hard.

Alien dogs. Krypto is the only one who is anyone's "pet". All the other superdogs laugh about it behind his back.

googum said...

Lemme guess: Krypton had an enlightened policy about dealing with unwanted, excess pets. Might beat spaying or neutering, though.

adg3825 said...

G'nort was one of the greatest Green Lanterns of all time. Not just any Green Lantern gets to join the Justice League... well, A Justice League.

Anonymous said...

i agree - gnort and guy gardner were the greatest gl ever. i saw a gnort plastic doll in the comic shop last week (which is becoming a plastic doll shop) and had to pick it up. my first plastic doll since i was a kid.