Sunday, March 22, 2009

Funny Frankenstein Versus Scary Frankenstein!

I've -ahem- briefly discussed Dick Briefer's Frankenstein before, mentioning that it was an excellent if uneven series that suffered from a lack of thematic consistency, veering wildly between two very divergent tones of humor and horror. I've recently had a chance to explore it further, thanks to Golden Age Comic Downloads. I thought it might be interesting to compare a scary Frankenstein story with a funny Frankenstein story and see which holds up better. Here then, are two stories, both by mister Briefer, from the first and thirty-second issues of Frankenstein respectively.

First, from Frankenstein #1, "Frankenstein and the Mananimals" a look at the light, wacky side of Frankenstein:

A few years later, Frankie is singin' a different tune, and the feature has taken a grimmer tone as Briefer took Frankenstein back to his horror roots in a series of gruesome terror yarns. "The Beautiful Dead" was originally published in Frankenstein #32:

Gruesome, isn't it? Interesting how the same creator came up with two so very different spins on the same character, eh? And as far as I can tell, these take place in the same "continuity", with the monster simply being in different moods at different points in his life. I think I prefer merry, whimsical Frankenstein, but what do you think, readers? Discuss in the comments!


John Glenn Taylor said...

Funny Frankenstein definitely has my vote. I also pick Count Chocula over Count Dracula.

Chaetophile said...

Oh, funny definitely. The early strip has some of the addled beauty of the Little Nemo panels, and a broken logic all its own...I suspect opium was involved. The man-headed snake that was going to try to eat him just sort of...goes away...poof!

Cully said...

The funny one scared the crap out of me.

thwap said...

I'd forgotten all about this guy. I must've read about him in a book on comics or something.

At the moment I like the funny one, but it is on the creepy side!

John Platt said...

The funny Frankenstein stories are brilliant, and show off a much more interesting art style. The horror ones are usually quite good, and gruesome, but not as memorable, in my opinion.