Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wowser Will Outlast Us All

Pincus Popnecker's old college roomie Pud Bimbo shows up for a visit in Herbie #15, and sheds some light on why Herbie's father looks down on him so much. It seems that back in college, ol' "Schlemiehl" Popnecker was himself a "Fat Little Nothing!

Well, at least he left that show-off chihuahua behind forever, grew up to shed the pounds and become an accomplished(?) adult, right? RIGHT?


Haw! Serves 'im right for being such a mean-ass hypocrite! Every time he's bitching at Herbie, he's actually bitching at his past self, man. This is actually about as close to a "deep revelation" as you ever get in Herbie comics, and quickly turns to wacky hijinx. as Pincus and Pud compete in a series of athletic events to prove who is manliest before the beauteous Mrs. Popnecker. Throughout, of course, Herbie cheats outrageously and wackily to help Pincus win.

Now that I'm forty, I need to start peppering my speech with "by Cracky", by Cracky! Might be time to cultivate a long white beard, too, come to think of it.

All art from "Call Me Schlemiehl!", written by Richard E. Hughes, Illustrated by Ogden Whitney, reprinted in the Herbie Archives, Vol. 3


Anonymous said...

pud bimbo.

PUD BIMBO!?!??!?!

Sean Craven said...

I've seen references to Herbie here and there -- most notably his appearance in Flaming Carrot -- but never actually read any.

I... I had no idea.

With those few panels, you've pretty much forced me to go out and buy a huge expensive hardback.

I hope you're pleased with yourself.

Brian Hughes said...

All the Herbie volumes are pretty much equally great and 100% Pud Bimbo approved, so you can probably find volume 1 or 2 on sale. Enjoy!