Saturday, June 13, 2009

Again With the Comics Triple Action!

Today marks three long, long years since Again With the Comics made its dubious debut in the comics blogosphere! When I started all this, I had no idea how long I'd be able to sustain it, but here we are, three years old, and somewhat less completely irrelevant than we were before! The last year has seen AWtC exceed one million page views and pass half a million unique visits, which proves that lots of people will read anything if its free. I still enjoy babbling away here, so if you're all game, lets try for a year four.

I'm all about being "green", so how about some recycling? Here are a few highlights from the last year of Again With the Comics:

Hometown Triple-A Baseball Heroes Meet Murderous Marvel Comics Lunatics!
AWtC Rips the Lid off the Civil War/Secret Invasion Conspiracy!
Before his coming Red Circle debut, read An Open Letter from the Web to J. Michael Straczynski!
The Hulk Juggles Circus Animals While Posing as a Robot Clown!
Not long ago, one man had a dream... a dream of Corpses...Coast To Coast!
We've recently met J. Jonah Jameson Senior, but what about the guy who raised Jonah?
The Fire Apes Skulk Forward...And Death Is Abroad!
This wasn't a real official comic book blog until I made fun of Star Trek/X-men!
Speaking of X-Men, this post about the Best Alternate Future Wolverine Ever got interesting/disappointing in the comments, where we found that X-Men can make even the simplest one off gag insanely confusing, given enough time and pages!
I officially apologize for my Krypto obsession, but I can't swear it won't happen again!

Thanks for reading, folks! Check back for more comics and comic-related accessories!


Todd said...

Holy crap... I totally owned that 3D Stooges book. It wasn't very good. But hey, I was 12, and it was 3D!

Anonymous said...

Go for another year AwC, and thanks from a sparetime comic reader in good old Germany.

jehingr said...

Thanks for 3 fun years, and here's to many more!


Craig said...

I have to say that you have fond memories of the weirdest comics ever and so do I. It's enjoyable to read! congrats on your aniversary and keep going, buddy.

TJ said...

Congratulations, and thanks. I keep coming back because you always have fun oddities and a distinct POV. Never dull! Best to you.

Cabin Campbell said...

Happy Anniversary! Keep up the great blogging. I really enjoy your commentaries and your mix of the old and the new.
P.S. At least your Kryptobbession didn't extend to the animated series!

Anonymous said...

Red titles against a blue backdrop?
Ay caramba..

Mego Thor said...

Thanks, Brian, for so many disturbing images to take into the weekend. Now I'll have scour my brain with sweet, sweet alcohol! Er...I mean, Happy Anniversary, buddy! Get crackin' on three more years of the web's best obscure-comics-related blog.

joe bloke said...

congratulations, mate! yours was one of the very first blogs I ever bothered checking in on regularly, right after I found the Dostoyevsky/Batman thingie. always a pleasure, never a chore! here's to three more inglorious years!

and NEVER apologise for being obssessed with Krypto!!!! ever!!! hey, it's what seperates us men from the boys. . .