Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blackest Night Thoughts

Blackest Night has been years in the making, and looks like it might actually pay off. Issue #1 was good, creepy stuff. The panel where Green Lantern rings up all of the DC Universe dead, shown below really points out how casual DC's disposal of their superheroes has been over the last 25 years or so. That's not even counting what I'm sure is easily three times as many villains, and countless supporting cast. The ending was quite distressing, but effectively so. I wasn't really expecting much from this, but the first issue was a good start.

The question remains; Will they use this as an excuse to resurrect a bunch of characters? Any of these guys? All of them?

An important point: These zombies aren't zombies. Zombies have a whole set of rules that Black Lantern Ralph and Sue Dibny weren't following. These Black Ring entities are possessing the bodies, manipulating the bodies, and mimicking the former occupants, all the better to be evil, but they aren't zombies.

It's okay, kids, that's not Golden Age Superman ripping out Krypto's heart, that's some...
thing using Golden Age Superman's body like a sock puppet!

For awhile there, Neil Gaiman's Death was the personification of Death in the DCU, but that hasn't been the case in some time. I think they've also tried to suggest that the Black Racer "was" Death, but that never really stuck either, and regardless, he's off the table now too. The fact that there's really nobody to usher the dead into the afterlife these days may play a part thematically in Blackest Night.

I will be very disappointed without an appearance by
Driq of Criq. Driq was the (ahem) short-lived zombie Green Lantern introduced in Green Lantern #217. Driq was great, by the way, a Green Lantern so learned and valuable that his ring wouldn't let him go after he died.


Tabkend said...

I am a little taken aback at the viciousness of the Black Lanterns. Particularly after seeing the army of formerly-Green ones being raised all at once. For some reason, in my mind, I thought the raising of the dead would be a more gradual affair, not an OH GOD THEY'RE ALL DEAD AND AFTER US kind of thing.

I frankly will love finding out how they get out of this mess... seems almost impossible.

Grebo said...

Driq sounds like the awesomest thing ever!!!

Meanwhile: "...that's not Golden Age Superman ripping out Krypto's heart..."

Uhhh, yeah.

See, this kind of crap has been standard DC fare for years. Every single time I open a DC book, someone's being impaled, beheaded, ripped in half, or (most often) losing an arm. Cheap, pointless violence every time, all the time!

DC comics have become miserable horror shows in which the characters are constantly punished for being heroes. It's retarded, it's a downer, it's oppressive, and it's NOT FUN. I like seriousness and maturity and violence and all that in my comics, of course, but DC's level of cruelty and splatter is utterly juvenile.

Blackest Night seems to follow the trend, escalating the misery and violence to a whole new level. By and large, mainstream DC has become unenjoyable garbage.

But that's just my opinion. To each his own!

Beckony said...

I haven't read this yet, but I'm definetely looking forward too it. THe whole "spectrum" thing sounds interesting, specifically how the different colors create their own codes and identities.

Rick said...

I agree with Grebo... DC has become the publisher of death. And I've noticed that a frequently the gruesome deaths are carried out by friends or former friends-turned-villains. I'm sorry, but I don't want to see heroes butchered like that. I read the first issue of Blackest Night and was totally repulsed. Seeing the Hawks' hearts ripped out of their chests by former friends was tasteless. They have killed off way too many great characters. Even if they're planning on resurrecting them, it's still not the way heroes should die.

werehawk said...

Driq! I miss him. (But not as much as Flodo Span (next to Driq). What a Black Lantern he would make (he is dead now too).

Purplehound said...

I'm waiting to read this storyline when it's published as a hardcover collection. They've been building up to this for awhile now and I have to say that these annual "summer crossover events" have taken their toll on my patience. They tend to suck. A lot. So far, GL has been one of the consistently best books being published. I hope they don't ruin it with this "event".

Krypto has his heart ripped out?! *sniff* That's just wrong. Kill all the people you want, but don't kill the animals.