Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is My Favorite Panel From Neil Gaiman's MiracleMan

When or if you'll ever see the full context of this scene remains to be seen, but I assure you, Miracleman is NOT about a geriatric Nightwing being endlessly harangued by a morbidly obese Starfire, as much as I may wish otherwise. I've got some thoughts on Marvel's purchase of Marvelman coming soon, but first, I had to share this panel from Miracleman #22. Gaiman's first arc, with Mark Buckingham, got a bit surreal, as you can see. More on Miracleman and Marvelman soon, chums!



Grebo said...

Heh! I remember that part. Ohhh lordy, Miracleman was SO great. I felt that Gaiman's stories were pretty weak compared to Moore's, but then, Moore's a pretty darn tough act to follow. Still, though, what a comic!

I almost pooped my pants when it was announced that Marvel has secured the rights. It was a total "Holy S**t!" moment. For me, not so much because I'm all that interested in how Marvel's gonna use him, but rather because this means (I guess) that Moore's Miracleman stories will FINALLY be reprinted! In super-deluxe collections, no doubt.

GF said...

Pretty sure they don't have Moore's rights.

Booksteve said...

Most "experts" are saying that just because they got the rights to the character doesn't mean they've gotten reprint rights yet. The way Marvel is phrasing things certainly makes that sound true. That said, didn't Moore famously give up his rights to Gaiman and hasn't Gaiman been working WITH Marvel to get to this point for a couple years? 'Course it could be somebody else holding out or maybe still issues with McFarlane. Time will tell.

demoncat said...

not only if marvel does manage to get all the rights cleared will they dare not edit the birthing scene from issue nine but also will marvel actully go and edit the infamous rape scene in the issue where kid mircle man goes totaly pycho after wards for that also may wind up taken out of any new mircle man printing.