Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kevin O'Neill Draws Tales of the Bizarro World!

If there is any DC character Kevin O'Neill was born to draw, its Bizarro, and this Tom Peyer- written short from 1998 gave him full run of Bizarro world, despite that world "not existing" in canon at the time. Mister O'Neill's work is polarizing; you either love it or hate it. I quite like it myself, and hope you enjoy "BIZARRO MUST THINK", a tale of one monster's demented bittersweet fantasy:

Say it with me now:
Us do opposite of all earthly things.
Us hate beauty.
Us love ugliness.
Is big crime to do anything perfect on Bizarro world.

Poor, poor lonely Bizarro. But don't feel too bad for him - he did get his own version of Bizarro World, eventually.

"Bizarro Must Think"
Script: Tom Peyer
Art: Kevin O'Neill
Story scanned from Adventure Comics 80-Page Giant, DC Comics (October 1998)


Sea-of-Green said...

I always did like Bizarro best as a comic-relief character. :-)

demoncat said...

i agree Bizarro was perfect as comic relief or as he would say me Bizarro not perfect as comedy relief me love the post

Anonymous said...

Funny and sad.
Just amazing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. Very enjoyable stuff. -AP