Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Know Your X-Villains

Here's another piece from Marvel: Year in Review '93, What could have been a throwaway promo magazine from Marvel's worst creative era ever ended up full of humorous hidden gems openly mocking some of those selfsame awful comics. The following Guide to Life in the Mutant '90s by Clay Griffith was one of the funniest things in the book, skewering the homogeneity of the generic Mutant warlords, Yakuza fancy lads, Magneto groupies, leather fetishists, and spiky-armored ponytail enthusiasts who made up the X-Men's rogue's gallery in the '90s And does it all using comparative charts. See for yourself:

Fifteen years, and the words "No hot tub data" still crack me up, startling and annoying my wife. Lest you think all this irrelevant, keep in mind: How long can it be before Marvel signs Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch up to bring all of these guys back, anyway? Before you know it, Shinobi Shaw and Stryfe could be playing chess in silk robes while warring for control of the Upstarts, and where will you be then? Best to print this and laminate it, I'd say.


Kid Kyoto said...

Bless you for posting this sir. And bless whatever long-ago fired intern who wrote that.

Much funnier then but still funny now.

I just went back trying to read Xmen 1-7, wow they're bad. People really bought 1 million + copies of this?


Brian Hughes said...

Glad you liked it KK. I actually gave up on X-Men shortly before most of these guys started showing up, but even I picked up X-Men #1.

grifter said...

hey! i have that magazine!

Sea-of-Green said...

Ha! This is great. :-) I also love how the Axis are not merely "wealthy" but "obscenely wealthy."

Doc said...

Great post - you're right: a hidden gem indeed!