Saturday, October 17, 2009

Experiment FIS#10: DC's Original Outsiders Return!

I picked up Superman #692 based on a rumored appearance by the wacky Joe Simon/Jerry Grandenetti Outsiders, covered here before. Sure enough, there they were in Sam Lane's secret facility, whatever the deal is with that. James Robinson has been raiding the pages of 1st Issue Special for forgotten one-shot-wonders like Codename:Assassin, seen walking with Lane, and Atlas, seen in earlier issues. This was actually a pretty interesting issue overall, with a few big moments that would have been a lot more surprising if Id' been keeping up with the books, I'm sure. It was pretty solid, but there was a sequence with the new Zatara and some sorceress and Mark Merlin that just made my eyes glaze over, so I'm not adding Superman to my pull file just yet. I'm also not wild the Superman books' semiannual need to send Superman away from Earth and instead focus on people who, however interesting they may be, are Not Superman.

I will however, show up to see Lizard Johnny, the Amazin' Ronnie, Hairy Larry, Ol' Doc Scary, and Mighty Mary running around in the DC Universe.


Sleestak said...

i liked how the code names were the issue numbers of Weird War Tales and First Issue Special.

Brian Hughes said...

I'll bet the project turns out to be financed by the "FIS-2 Foundation", too.