Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Full-of-Snakes-Man

Here, my friends, is a muchly strange comic for you to be reading on the computer internets!

Indian superhero NAGRAJ (translates to “Snake King”) has enjoyed immense popularity in his relatively short existence.  And why not? Get this – he is full of tiny snakes. Microscopic snakes in his bloodstream allow him the full panoply of superhero powers, and he can create any number of handy tools and weapons from snakes, such as snake ladders, snake lassoes, and general all-purpose snake hurling. A full rundown on Nagraj can be found here.

The magic beings of a faraway planet have no regard for such pitiful Earth concepts as “copyright”, so when Victar Shakoorah is booted from the Magicians planet, he is encased in a diamond and sent to Earth, to be plopped down within about 20 feet of Bootleg Indian Superman, who is in the process of murdering "Missleman":

Friendly, murderous Superman frees Shakoora and explains: ”…Earth is like this, and I protect its people from the anti-social elements!”  Shakoora flies with Superman, briefly, before attacking and trapping him:

UFF! Then Superman tells the evil dwarf that there are other protectors of the Earth: Batman, Spiderman, and Nagraj, so Shakoora sets off to capture them as well. He makes short work of a less-than-imposing Bootleg Batman. I don't know how often this sort of thing happened, but I have to admit, I really like the idea of Nagraj randomly teaming up with, say, the Hulk, Abraham Lincoln, and/or Santa Claus at any given time.

Finally, Shakoora heads to Paris, where Bootleg Spiderman (sic) is disarming a bomb strapped to the Eiffel Tower:

Then he whisks the captured trio of superheroes off to the Gemini circus in India, where Nagraj is in attendance, apparently forcing his girlfriend to wear a dress, keeping her in her place:

Damn, he's all like: "Shut up and watch the circus, beeyotch!" Of course, any comic book reader knows that THE CIRCUS=TROUBLE, and this one is no exception. Shakoora crashes the party, riding Toofan a known rogue elephant! Nagraj immediately suits up for snake-powered action, but too late to stop an ELEPHANT RAMPAGE:

Apparently, ripping off American Superheroes isn’t enough, since wrestling legend Lou Albano (May he Rest in Peace) shows up in an inexplicable cameo as the circus ringmaster, for no apparent reason. Albano and Nagraj manage to subdue Toofan, but then the treacherous Shakoora strikes:

Nagraj destroys the rolling cage, which disgorges the unconscious Superman, Batman, and Spiderman:

Surely now the heroes will spring into action and kick magic dwarf ass, right? Not quite, as Shakoora continues to taunt Nagraj, then burns his girlfriend’s feet, then sets the circus tent on fire! Nagraj does the only logical thing, and commandeers a small choo-choo train to gather up Visarpi and the still-bound heroes and… ride around in circles, I guess?


The choo choo is blocked, and all seems lost until Nagraj starts to prayin', and ...some guy...shows up and magically saves everyone! Three cheers for Deus Ex Machina Man! Er, Imean, Guruji  Gorakhnath!!

Actually, this is maybe supposed to be be beloved Hindu Yogi Guru Gorakshanath, but frankly, I don't see the resemblance:

And so, the benevolent Guruji flew off with Shakoora, and all was well…BUT WAIT! There are still pages to fill, so as a “parting shot", Shakoora blasts Lou Albano with a spell that changes him into a raging giant! The heroes alltry to stop him, but it all comes down to Nagraj and SNAKE POWER:

Finally, he sends some snakes inside the giant to bite him internally, and defeats the giant BY KILLING HIM WITH SNAKES:

Then they all have a jolly laugh over dinner! Surely that wasn’t supposed to be the Lou Albano? Maybe that’s a common name in India?!? You can find this entire nutty story online right here, and enjoy the bootleg madness for yourself.

Good Bye friends, see you again in some delightful moments!


Sea-of-Green said...

Oh, my.

Now, THAT's what I call a crossover event! :-D

MetFanMac said...


This. Is. NAGRAJ!

Arkonbey said...


"to make your grave there" Evil.

I wonder what the "SS" after the "HELP"s are for. Some sort of Indian punctuation mark?

Of course, the strangest thing for me is that Spidey was hanging around Paris.

Pastrami said...

I intend to buy up every copy of this comic-the I will rule the world!

Brian Hughes said...

UPDATED at 9:00 PM with fun facts about who the magical Gorakhnath might be based on!

Mego Thor said...

That Nagraj sure knows how to treat his wimmen-folk! I'm glad to see that Silver-Age Silliness (TM) is still being channeled somewhere on the planet. Could you imagine if an American comic ended with Jesus Christ showing up and defeating the villain-du-jour?

derbs said...

That whole thing is eerily reminiscent of the Mighty Comics Group stuff from the mid-sixties.

Paroma said...

Oh, dear, this was lovely!! I can't recall when I last found a comic strip so funny.
Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Which year this amazing comic is of anyone