Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coober Skeber Lends Marvel a Hand

Here's another rarity from the vaults, the rare and bizarre second issue of Highwater Books' independent comix anthology COOBER SKEBER. When Marvel Comics declared bankruptcy, in 1997, Coober Skeber came to the "rescue" with a "Marvel Benefit Issue", letting its stable of contributors run loose in the backwoods of the Marvel Universe with wanton disregard for trademark and copyright. Of course, Marvel responded with a Cease and Desist almost immediately, but the book was already out there. And guess who got one?
With nearly twenty stories in the digest sized book, ranging from professional-quality to nearly incomprehensible, Coober Skeber #2 is definitely a mixed bag. This is the book that originally contained James Kochalka's "Hulk Vs. Rain" that eventually appeared in an actual Hulk Annual. Here, Pete Cardin brings us an awesome yet bittersweet tale of Devil Dinosaur:

This one by someone named P. "Shmudge" Shaw features what is, without a doubt, the strangest interpretation of the Fantastic Four I have ever seen. Not that I don't' like it, mind you...

An uncredited creator Tom Devlin, the book's editor, brings us this angst-eriffic Guardians of the Galaxy feature, which I quite dig for the way the word balloons and captions almost crowd the characters off the page. Just like a '70's Marvel comic!

Finally enjoy a sampling of some of the other strips in this forbidden anthology, including what I have to say is, authorized or not, the Best Spider-Woman Page ever created (not that that's saying much):

Warlock page by Mat Brinkman
Doctor Strange page by (uncredited) Robert Boyd
Iron Man page by Mike Luce
Spider-Woman page by Magnus Johnstone

BONUS! Here's a link to Ron Regé Jr.'s Spider-Man contribution, posted at his blog


Esteban138 said...

That Spider-Woman page seems tame by today's standards.
I mean, her breasts are actually small enough that she doesn't need linebacker shoulders to support them.

T' said...

FYI, the Guardians of the Galaxy comic is by D+Q's Tom Devlin, the mastermind behind the whole book. Mine was the Iron Man story. Tom was working at the Million Year Picnic when he put this all together and had access to a lot of great talent. I remember when the Seth cover came in the mail. We oohed and ahhhed at it for days.

-mike luce

Tom Devlin said...

I actually never received a cease and desist letter from Marvel although when I handed a copy at SDCC to someone who worked at Marvel, he did joke "I'll give this to our lawyers right away."

I don't have a copy handy but I think Robert Boyd did Dr. Strange. I think.

Brian Hughes said...

Thanks, fellas! It is always great fun to get commentary from the creators of the books I'm talking about.