Friday, February 19, 2010

HULKS SMASH in Fall of the Hulks!

Well, I had to get a picture of the Ever-Lovin' blue-eyed Thing CLOBBERIN' Red Hulk in here somewhere, didn't I? Their battle turned out not to be a battle, but a distraction, as the Wizard stole Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four's headquarters. The Red Hulk was ostensibly working with Bruce Banner to save Richards, but his internal monologue reveals he's really following his own agenda.

I haven't said much about the Hulk books lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading them. My son got ahold of one of those checklists, and he told me to make sure that we get ALL the chapters of "Fall of the Hulks", and how could I say no to a cute lil' guy like him? (He was quite angry at the Red Hulk for what he did to Miklho the Super-Ape though...!)

The story has turned out to be right up my alley anyway, packed with classic Marvel villains, and masterminded by none other than my man M.O.D.O.K. himself, so what's not to like?

The Leader, the Thinker, M.O.D.O.K., Red Ghost, the Wizard and other evil geniuses in the Marvel Universe have formed their own secret cabal over the years, the Intelligentsia, and have been planning a huge Hulk-related strike on the world while the rest of the superheroes were distracted. The group has been gathering knowledge and reviving each other from death for years, now they've created their "own' Hulk, in Red Hulk and their own Red She-Hulk. Red Hulk has turned on them and appears to be allied with Banner, but Red She-Hulk and Lyra, the She-Hulk daughter of Hulk and Thundra are still under their control.

The Intel have been gathering the eight smartest heroes in the Marvel universe (and Doctor Doom, who betrayed them) and are hooking them into the Liddleville technology to incapacitate them. Once they've "lobotomized" the Marvel Universe, all that stands in their way are the dumb superheroes, presumably.

That leaves a depowered Bruce Banner and the Red Hulk to stop the abductions. Only Red Hulk seems to be failing on purpose, and Banner is trying to work with a surly and unpredictable Skaar with mixed results. So far, The Intel have captured Reed Richards, Doctor Doom, Tchalla, and Hank Pym. The 'good guys' such as they are, are losing ground.

As if that's not enough, General Thunderbolt Ross was killed by the Red Hulk, Betty Ross is back from the dead, and so is Glenn Talbot, who my readers may recognize from my Red Hulk theory. Now Banner is losing focus, trying to get to Betty, and the Red Hulk's motivations remain a puzzle. What if Red Hulk is Talbot? What if Red She-Hulk is Betty?  Bruce just wants his wife back and to stop the villains. Now, Banner has called in a few friends to help him out, his own take on the Avengers:

So far, Fall of the Hulks has been a blast. Of course, the story never ends, and once the Hulks are done Falling, it looks like we'll get to World War Hulks. As long as they keep it entertaining, the boy and I will be along for the ride.


Mego Thor said...

Haters can say what they like about Red She-Hulk, but GRROOWWLL! I can only imagine what Wolverine's internal monologue must be in the panel where she's standing on top of his head:

"This broad don't seem ta unnerstand who's top dog 'round here. She might've gotten th' upper-hand fer now, but just gimme a second ta catch my second wind! Yeah, just let th' ol' healin' factor kick in, an' then it'll be a whole new hockey match! That's when the ol' Canucklehead'll show her why folks 'round th' world know he's the best there is at what he does, and what he does isn't...."

Phillyradiogeek said...

I'm also enjoying the story, more than I would have imagined. I feel sorry for Loeb, who seems to be such a whipping boy for Internet commentors. I admit to sitting out several issues after the first arc of the series, but I jumped back on board with the introduction of Red She-Hulk, and I'm glad I did.

The story is fun, interesting, the art has been top notch, and the cast has been great. I wish more people would give Loeb a chance here, they're missing out on good stuff!

Anonymous said...

The best part about this story line has been Loeb's attention to detail and his intricate plotting that relies heavily on the existing Hulk mythos. It's obvious that he knows what he's doing when it comes to continuity and characterization. Everything that happens is so logical for the characters and how they fit into the Marvel universe as a whole.