Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Legend of Hate Face

In our recent Matter-Eater Lad coverage, Tenzil Kem made humorous reference to Hate Face of the planet Draxler. I hasten to add that yes, Hate Face was in actual Legion of Superheroes canon and was indeed one of their galaxy's most revered heroes, right up there with Braino of Mrynah (the noblest being in the universe) and Leeta 87 (who tragically died after slipping on a banyo fruit peel after a lifetime of heroism). His shrine in Shanghalla, the satellite cemetery for superheroes, is pictured above.

The face of a Devil
The Soul of an Angel
He rescued millions,
Yet none could bear
His revolting visage
Some say he died in battle
Others say it was his broken heart
That killed him!

This blog regrets any seeming disrespect to the fictional, future legacy of this brave hero.


Mego Thor said...

"We should all learn to smile a little more." A lesson that Leeta 87 (heh-heh) tragically gave her life...(snicker) impart to the universBWAAA-HAA-HA! Look! She slipped on a banana peel! And it's recorded for all time, ON HER TOMBSTONE! I can only hope that the family of David Carradine haven't followed the same moment-of-death-picutured-on-your-tombstone tradition.

Brian Hughes said...

How would one depict, on a tombstone, a person crushed and buried under a pile of fallen longboxes? Because I'm pretty sure that's how I'm gonna end up going out...!