Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Secret Origin of (the Name of) This Blog!

Back when I started Again With the Comics, I knew what I wanted to do, but it took awhile to come up with a good name for the blog. I kicked around a few ideas, but nothing felt right until I remembered a long-ago comic strip I had seen in a fanzine or small-press comic wherein the cartoonist bemoaned his obsession with comics, titled "Again With the Comics", which summed my whole deal up perfectly. I couldn't remember where I'd seen the strip, or who had done it, but the title was perfect, so I nicked it. (Once I did an internet search on the name and found no claim laid to it, of course.)

Well, recently  I was going through my magazines, and fished out a copy of Destroy All Comics #1, a fanzine put out by Jeff LeVine back in 1994. LeVine was responsible for an alternative comic called No Hope which I enjoyed back in the day, and I must have been following him pretty closely, because I also picked up Destroy All Comics at some point. Flipping through it, I was surprised to find the long-lost "Again With the Comics" comic strip. Let me tell you, I still feel his pain. Help! Will somebody out there please shoot me?


Coco67 said...

Ha,ha! At least I get paid to do nothing but flap my gums about funnybooks all day! Also, No Hope reminds me of Lowlife, a similar auto-bio type comic that came out about the same time by one Ed Brubaker. I wonder whatever became of that guy?

Mego Thor said...

Scary, Brian, that even kinda looks like you!

Brian Hughes said...

Thanks - I think I need to pull out my LOWLIFEs for a re-read.

It did...! I'm much balder now.

Brian Hughes said...

Fun Fact: "All About the Comics" was a runner-up.