Friday, February 26, 2010

Ten Years of Palindromic Doctor Strange Blogging

Congratulations go out to NEILALIEN: A Doctor Strange Fansite for ten tears of comic blogging excellence. His site was one of the models I looked to for inspiration when I started Again With the Comics, and was indeed the first comics-specific weblog extant. Hell, he was blogging before it was called blogging! Check out this post , where the "Ancient One" of comic bloggers talks about his Secret Origin, how he almost chose to blog about mummies, and about his longevity and goals. It's especially interesting to me, as I see we have many of the same feelings about how often to post, how much to "edit in public" and relative anonymity. Kudos, and here's to ten more years, Neil!

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Neilalien said...

Thanks so much, Brian! May your amulet never tickle.