Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Little Ultimate MODOK, Anyone?

I don't follow the Ultimate universe in general, but I'm still perversely interested in the Ultimate versions of my favorite characters. The Ultimate Universe has been going on for over ten years, and at long last, we finally got a glimpse of Ultimate MODOK in Ultimate Armor Wars #2:


The old guy was Ultimate Doctor Faustus, and apparently, he has a li'l bitty MODOK living in his noggin. Ultimate George Tarleton was last seen as a severed head running around on spider legs, so Faustus must be his conveyance of choice now. Faustus makes it sound like a mad science accident though, so who knows? Unfortunately, that was all we saw of Ultimate MODOK, as the rest of the story moved on to other villains and locales. Look for Ultimate MODOK, coming to "Dancing With The Stars" soon!

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demoncat said...

seeing how messed up that panel is is one reason i have not touched the ultimate universe at all.for that is messed up. and creepy