Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Doom Patrol Gets Bugged

(SPOILERS for Doom Patrol #9.)
Having recently praised Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, let me hasten to add the the current Doom Patrol series by Keith Giffen and Matthew Clark has also been a dream come true for your humble host. I am a sucker for the DP in general, as well as a Giffen fan, so it's almost as if this book was custom made for me specifically. In Doom Patrol #9, it looks like we get some surprisising new additions to the supporting cast, one of which comes as something of an ambush...


I was afraid that Once-Crazy-Now-Sane Jane and Danny the Brick might be "Doomed" after they re-appeared in DP #7 and 8, pursued by the Gentrifiers, who had bulldozed and built over the other-dimensional Planet Danny. It looks like they'll be settling on Oolong island though, and further, it looks like Ambush Bug will be moving into a rebuilt Danny the Bungalow as well! Why? Read the button, fanboy! 

This should be a lot of fun, returning the Bug to his roots as a pest within the DC Universe, after a couple of decades of being consigned to only his own, increasingly bizarre books. Longtime fans will recall that the Bug made his debut as a manic, pesky villain against Superman and the Doom Patrol in DC Comics Presents #52, so this is like coming home for him after that recent misfire of a mini-series. Indeed, the Bug was doing Deadpool's "annoy serious heroes" shtick long before Deadpool was a gleam in Rob Liefeld's beady little eye.  

So let me Ambush you one more time, and Bug you to buy Doom Patrol!


diana green said...

Deep sigh.
You know I loves me my DP.
And you know the current run is quite good.
And you know I'm as excited as the next girl to see the Bug again.
But why are the Doom Patrol members so unrelentingly crabby?
They kvetch when they lose, they kvetch when they win. It's like listening to a petty argument between a bunch of spoiled children. I mean come on already! Sure your lives haven't gone the way you hoped, but you do get to save the world repeatedly, so knock it off already!
*ahem* That said, the book is quite smart and I'll be sticking with it. The only DP run I haven't cared for so much was the Byrne run.

Brian Hughes said...

If I have one gripe about Keith Giffen's writing, it's that he seems to have a limited set of "voices" when it comes to dialogue, usually sarcastic, crabby, or in Larry's case, weird. That's not exactly a unique problem with comics writers, though.

Anonymous said...

I know you posted this a million years ago but...

my personal opinion is that Giffen too often writes, or dialogues, out of frustration, crabbiness and a general malaise. In his own blog type writing and, sad to say, in person, he comes across as a crab. I experienced it in person at SDCC 2 years ago and it affected my enjoyment of his work which I used to adore mightily.

Brian Hughes said...

I'm sorry to hear that. As much as I am into comics, I don't go to many conventions because of the pressure cooker, dealing-with-crowds-and-cranks conditions I've experienced at the few I've attended.