Sunday, April 18, 2010

Krypto's Cat-Crook Caper!

Just about a year ago, we discussed Krypto the Superdog's career with the Space Canine Patrol Agents at length, first here, then here. But there was one more tail yet to be told. It is a story of failure and redemption; of rodeos, hot dogs, and fund-raisers; of cats and dogs living together in harmony. It is a tale called "Krypto's Cat-Crook Caper!", presented here complete and uncut for the first time since 1966. Enjoy the Space Canine madness, pals! 

"Krypto's Cat-Crook Caper!"
Script:Otto Binder
Art: George Papp
Story scanned from Superboy #132, DC Comics (October 1966)
(from the M. Coco library)


ZADL said...

I love this kind of stuff. So strangely goofy and weird.

RAB said...

Um…you know, I've taken genuine pleasure in Jerry Siegel's Mighty Crusaders stories. I happily delve into Super-Goof comics. Fatman the Human Flying Saucer is one of my very favorite comics, for gosh sakes. But THIS HURTS MY BRAIN.

Bill said...

Bow-WOW! I loved these 44 years ago, and like a dead raccoon they've only improved with age.

ZADL said...

It just occurred to me - in the convoluted continuity that is the DC universe, that's Superboy-Prime there. Better look out Krypto!

joe bloke said...


Brian, you got an award, mate! you'll find it here. . .