Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Strike Up the Band for Our 500th Post!

Has it been five hundred of these things already? My God! What have I done?!?

I am truly surprised that I have stuck with this so long, but here we are, almost four years old, with a fairly substantial body of work. If you're new to Again With the Comics, my name is Brian Hughes, and I've been reading funnybooks all my life. Babbling about them on the internet feeds my ego in a sad, sick way, and apparently a bunch of you get something out of this too. Yay co-dependence!

Big thanks go out to my readers, followers, commenters, and to all those who link to this blog. The comics blogosphere is a big place, with a lot of great work, so I appreciate any portion of time you devote to Again With the Comics, you guys! Newer readers may have missed some of the best stuff from the recent past, though, so here's a handy list of some recent hits:

He's SO DIFFERENT from the original Superman from Krypton!! The Future Superman of 2965!

Blast off to adventure, or the Emergency Room, with Dynamite Thor!

Please to joining Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and Nagraj in fighting manic magic midget!

1993's Marvel Superstars of Tomorrow: Today! (Originally published October 2009!)

Marvel at bang up Mister Muscles' thrilling displays of physical strength and power!

Beware mysterious doors, reader, for they might lead to tedious paperwork...IN THE FUTURE!

With that, I'd like to open the comments up for topic suggestions. I'm only one guy, and it gets a bit hard to come up with new things to write about, so with that in mind, what would you like to see me discuss, dear readers? What crazy old character/book are you dying to hear my opinion of? Any bright ideas, smart guy? I make no promises, but I'll consider any reasonable request! Let me know in the comments!

The Quatro drum & bugle corps appear courtesy of Baron and Rude's Nexus #27, a fine issue of a series I still haven't raved enough about yet. 



Phillyradiogeek said...


I know you focus on older comics, but I'd like to hear your take on the recent Fall of the Hulks storyline, and if this changes or confirms your theory as to the identity of the Red Hulk.

googum said...

Congrats, and a great page! And Nexus deserves all the hype it can get!

ZADL said...

Actually, I like the focus on older comics. The more Golden and Silver age weirdness the better I sez. I mean, Eagle and Buddy the Daredevil Boy is one of my favorites, and who can forget the amoral Dr. Mental? Or Krypto and all his weird adventures with the SCPA? That's why I'm here. Mmmyep.

Mego Thor said...

Gratz, Brian! Your blog, along with Penny Arcade and PvP, is required reading during the daily grind in cube city. I'd love to see a post about Dorkin's Milk & Cheese! As long as we're being new-reader friendly, I'd like to point out two of my favorite posts:

"Batman by Dostoyevsky" is what introduced me to Again with the Comics.

"Krypto Fascist" is some of your finest work.

Here's looking forward to 500 more!

Rol said...

Happy 500th. And congrats, you might just have persuaded me to pick up Giffen's DP with the news that Crazy Jane and Danny The Street are back (not to mention Ambush Bug).