Friday, May 21, 2010

I Want This: Giant Validus Dolly!

OMG, you guys! Now I really have a motivation to stay employed! This awesome giant Validus action figure is the "Build-A-Figure" for Mattel's DC Universe Classics Wave 15, the rest of which can be seen at Action Figure InsiderI love and loathe those damnable BAFs in equal measure - I don't necessarily get every figure in every line, so I end up with a lot of stray torsos and legs. Luckily, wave 15 looks to be a good mix of characters I want (I could do without another Martian Manhunter, though), so I won't mind getting the whole set, and Validus looks like the best BAF since Chemo! The DCUC figures may be the finest superhero toys ever crafted, but they are costing me a fortune! Mattel, you bastards -  how I love you!


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GF said...

Cute! Disturbing!