Thursday, June 10, 2010

As Far as I Know, This was the Only Time Spider-Man Ever Fought the Porcupine.

 Easy Reader says: "This blog post is Easy to Read!"

I like the Porcupine. He is one of my favorite "lame" Marvel villains! But he never fought Spider-Man. That's too bad, because I also like Spidey! Recently, I got a new old comic book. It was easy to read! It also had Spider Man fighting Porcupine! Here is how Porcupine got started:

Spidey Super Stories #54 was very exciting! It had a story called "Medusa On The Run!".  In the story, Spidey is trying to stop Medusa from stealing drugs. Then they team up to stop the Porcupine from stealing money! That's because money is more important than anything.

Now read! It's easy!!

You might enjoy this story more...
If you imagine she's robbing a liquor store.

But where is the Porcupine, you moan and whine....
Don't be a prick! He'll get here quick!

And so, Medusa got her change, Black Bolt got his whiskey, and Porcupine got hauled off to prison again. Like I said in the title, I don't think Spider-Man has ever met Porcupine in actual Marvel Universe Continuity. And no, I don't think Spidey Super Stories are considered Marvel Universe "canon".  I assume they take place on Earth-Electric Company, a happier place. I picked up Spidey Super Stories #54 in a pile of quarter pile books recently and was happy to see an appearance by good ol' Alex Gentry. Also, Spidey wore a gorilla suit in one of the other stories. When you add in the "easy to read" part, I was the clear winner in that transaction. Now... who wants to see the gorilla suit story?

"Medusa on the Run!"
Script:Steven Grant
Art: Winslow Mortimer
Story scanned from Spidey Super Stories #54, Marvel Comics (September 1981).


Cabin Campbell said...

Are the Spidey Comics canon?
Do they take place on Earth 616?
Really, I don't know.
Keep up the great blogging!

Anonymous said...

Any art and/or story credits for this story?

Mego Thor said...

Morgan Freeman was just what we needed to class the joint up! I hereby nominate Easy Reader as the Official AWtC Mascot.

Jack said...

The lame slapsticks in these panels are suffocatingly bad but strangely appealing.

Bring on the gorilla suite story!

Brian Hughes said...

Added creator credits 6/11/10.

coco67 said...

Are you sure the gorilla wasn't Paul?

Brian Hughes said...

Yes and no!

Anonymous said...

I loved Spidey Super Stories as a kid, and used to watch Electric Company every day in hopes that there'd be a Spidey segment. I would *love* to see a trade paperback of the old SSS comics - even though I'm sure it won't happen because the references are so dated, I don't think the comics have lost their charm at all.

Phillyradiogeek said...

Thank God you posted this! This is maybe the only issue of Spidey Super Stories I ever read (certainly the only one I remember), and I'm thrilled to see it again. Thanks!