Monday, June 14, 2010

Spider-Man: Gorilla Suit Stunt Double!

Who says Peter Parker needs a photography job? As Spider-man, he has experience in the lucrative and fast-paced field of Gorilla Suit stunt-work. "The only hard thing about this wearing a hot gorilla suit!" You said it Spidey! Hmmm...This gives me some ideas about my OWN future. I think a handsome, striking gorilla suit might be just what I need to make that extra special impression during my next job interview!

For the mystified, here's some information on The Electric Company. Believe it or not, this was pretty much Spidey's biggest media tie-in at the time!

"The Stand-In!"
Script:Steven Grant
Art: Winslow Mortimer
Story scanned from Spidey Super Stories #54, Marvel Comics (September 1981).


King Viswa said...

Hi Brian,

Suddenly i was wondering that am into the same blog or something different?

nice, new template.

Mego Thor said...

I love the Pitfall-style crocodiles in the first panel. I can just see Spidey hopping across the river on their heads. I don't know who "Jungle Jane" is in this story; but leopard skin and pith helmet? HOT!

cease ill said...

Wow, that's not just crazy, that's Spidey Super Stories crazy!

The site known once as Peter Parker's Pad ( used to do hilarious synopses of these issues and others, as you may know!

Listen, only because you are a Spider Fan do I suggest to you: It just had to be written; I'd love to draw the whole thing, if I could complete my original comic before Comic Con!

Scott said...

I used to love the Electric Company! Thanks for posting this comic.