Friday, June 25, 2010

Swampy Vesus Baldy?

Time now for another crackpot theory, this time from the DC Universe. I've been long hoping that Swamp Thing would return to the DCU after a long, long sojurn in the adults-only Vertigo imprint, if only because I feel Vertigo done everything that can be done with the character in the adult horror "mold", and DC could stand to return him to his "roots" for awhile. Rumors have been swirling that exactly that will soon be happening, with everything from a new ST title set firmly in the DCU to an appearance in Ethan Van Sciver's alleged Plastic Man series (which itself seems unlikely to happen, Swamp Thing or no) as the vehicle for that return.

Well, I don't know about any of that, but my money is on the big green guy running into Lex Luthor before he meets anyone else. a Luthor/Swamp Thing  pairing was one of many possibilities pitched by J. Michael Straczynski for Brave and the Bold back before he began writing the book. I don't know if he still has dibs, but I couldn't help but notice a quote in this interview with Paul Cornell which hints at Cornell's plans for Lex during his run of Lex solo stories in Action Comics:

"To name just a few of the villains we’ve got lined up… in the forbidding terrain of Antarctica, Lex will face off against Deathstroke. He’ll match brains and brawn with Vandal Savage, leading to a crossover with SECRET SIX. He’ll find himself the target of Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern, himself still lusting for power. And he’ll match his own savagery against that of Gorilla Grodd. That battle leads to an encounter with a really unexpected character. And we’ve held back a few of the most interesting and surprising names he’ll be going up against."
Nothing definite there, but given that Swampy has a score to settle with Lex, who knows? I personally would rather see that sort of "soft reintroduction" than a full-blown series with the JLA showing up in the first issue, the Titans in the second, and a parade of guests thereafter. Either way, I predict Swamp Action in Action Comics, or Swamp Bravery in Brave and the Bold.


demoncat said...

if swamp thing is going to come back to the dcu would expect him to be returned in some way worthy of such like winding crossing paths with one of the big guns . though given how swampy owes Lex pay back and his solo series would really have great sales with swamp thing returned included. would not put in pass dc. though the real word on swamp thing will come at comic con.

lazaruslupin said...

I wouldn't mind a lex/thing thang. But I think that eventually if swampy is coming back the DCU he needs to get in touch with batman again.

lazarus lupin

jlroberson said...

Actually...isn't it interesting that somehow Swampy knew who all the other people responsible were in Moore's penultimate issue, and killed them all, except Luthor? I wouldn't expect DC would let it happen, but interesting that Swampy didn't even TRY.

Duy said...

Swamp Thing returning to the DCU would open a floodgate. I'm not sure if it'll happen.

I'd like to see it, but as far as I'm concerned, Swamp Thing's story ended when Moore left the title. Everything else is in some alternate universe or something.