Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Scooby Doo Comic by...Ivan Brunetti ?!?

My son is getting quite a collection of comics in his own right, and going through his books recently, I found this strange and wonderful thing: a Scooby Doo story drawn by alternative cartoonist Ivan Brunetti. Which was pretty amusing to me, since I mainly know Brunetti from his sick and wrong series of "Schizo" comic books he did  for Fantagraphics in the 1990's. In all honesty, I can't recommend Schizo, or it's collection Misery Loves Company to Scooby Doo fans, but I can recommend it to mature, misanthropic readers who like their humor dark.

An immensely talented cartoonist who has since become lauded in the altcomix field, Brunetti combined a classically influenced style of bigfoot cartooning with sick, taboo humor. His self loathing, multi-page rants were made palatable by the zany cartoons, but the man obviously was working out some real issues, albeit in an entertaining manner. How odd then, to see his art on an innocuous Scooby Doo comic. And here it is:

"Scooby Snooze!"
Script: Chris Duffy
Art: Ivan Brunetti
Story scanned from Scooby Doo vol.1: You Meddling Kids!, DC Comics (September 2003).


Ross T said...

Wow! I love Ivan Brunetti's Schizo... never thought I'd see him draw for Scooby Doo!

coco67 said...

Wait'll you see what Scoob does woth his stigmata!

coco67 said...

er, "with".