Sunday, August 08, 2010

Thunder Strikes Again

I know at least one Again With the Comics reader who will be glad to hear that Thunderstrike by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz is due to return in November. Thunderstrike was Eric Masterson, a former Thor supporting character who became Thor's secret identity for a period of time, and eventually scabbed for Thor during one of those periods when Thor was in time-out for ungodly behavior. When the original Thor returned, Marvel spun the Masterson character off into his own book and superhero identity, Thunderstrike:

The book was pretty good, but it just didn't last that long, and the final issue ended with Eric's death. He left behind a son, Kevin, who inherited the Thunderstrike mace in the alternate future of MC2 (Spider-Girl's time-line), and became the Thunderstrike of that possible future's A-Next team of Avengers:

But that was only a "possible" future, and has since been designated "Earth-982" by the internet obsessives who apparently decide these things. Should Kevin pick up the mantle of Thunderstrike in today's Marvel Universe, it would give Marvel a teenage Thor spin-off character just in time for movie, while conveniently dusting off the trademark. One way or the other, look for Thunder to Strike again in November.



J. Astro said...

I only briefly flirted with the comic-collecting thing for a few years, but I keep up with the general direction of the various characters online, etc., and was happy to find your blog. I dig it, man. Anyhow, I was sort-of interested in Thunderstrike back when he had his own run, and particularly enjoyed the sub-plot with Blood Axe, whose alter-ego had remarried and become a stressed-out abusive stepfather to Masterson's kid.

On an unrelated note, I randomly picked up an old issue of She-Hulk where she fought the Man-Elephant and was pleased to find your input on here about that weird, 2nd-stringer character, both then and in his more recent "souped up" incarnation. Good stuff.

Mego Thor said...

DO WANT!!! This may be the comic that makes me return to monthly issues (because, let's face it, I don't see this getting a trade paperback anytime soon). It looks like this is going to take place in regular 616 continuity, so Kevin should still be pretty young. I can see this Thunderstrike being some kind of weird Thor/Captain Marvel amalgamation, where kid Kevin turns into an adult hero. It's like they're making this comic just for me!