Thursday, September 02, 2010

What If Robert Crumb Took Over "CATHY"...?

ACK! Another era ends as the seemingly eternal newspaper strip Cathy ends it's 27-year run this October. I have to give Cathy Guisewite credit for keeping her slice of the unfunnies page for that long and for holding her own in a male dominated industry, but I'm bound to be badly dissapointed in any conclusion that doesn't involve a murder-suicide. And no newspaper comic strip is ever gonna end in murder-suicide. Maybe Funky Winkerbean.

But what if she didn't end it, and instead turned it over to another cartoonist? And, far unlikelier, what if Robert Crumb auditioned for -and got- the job?!?  Two misanthropic underground geniuses team up to answer the question no one was asking, and you'll see the answer, when you read "CAFFY!"

This post is Not For Kids and NSFW, as you'll see, after the cut:

Originally printed in HATE #27, 1997
Script: Peter Bagge
Art: Robert Crumb

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