Sunday, September 12, 2010

They Might Be Giant's Students

Of all the Heroic Age Avengers titles, I think I'm enjoying Avengers Academy the most. Classic Avengers are currently scattered amongst the rosters of the 78 or so monthly books, but Academy boasts a few hitters among its regular teaching staff. Teachers include the unpredictable Quicksilver, the sultry Tigra, troubled Speedball, and Henry Pym, the...winsome Wasp?!? Yes, among his many, many other names, costumes and identities, the Avengers founding father and resident mad genius recently took on his dead wife's name and mantle in a questionable act of tribute. The move, which lasted Pym's tenure as leader of the Mighty Avengers, was the first of many that had even the characters questioning his sanity, and ultimately rejecting his leadership. Now, with Avengers Academy #7, it looks like Pym will reassess the wisdom of that move, and  retake the Giant Man Name. Just in time to get a spiffy Mike McKone redesign!


Kandou Erik said...

While I like the Giant Man persona - but I'm disapointed he didn't stick with the Wasp identity longer. And at least don't under-cut the upcoming Antman/Wasp mini-series.

I know various identities is a staple of Hank Pym, but I for one would like to see some stabability - and not change every few years. I thought he finally made a good choice when he was Yellow Jacket. Then the Wasp identity - at least the change made sense after the death of his ex-wife.

Going back to Giant Man, while cool, just tires me on a mental level.

Lazarus Lupin said...

hey maybe we should suggest names to Hank that more fit his character, but then Schizty McBigpants might not sell books

Lazarus Lupin
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