Tuesday, October 05, 2010

"Milady, 'Tis the Clobbering Hour."

I gave Dark Reign: Fantastic Four a pass the first time, all the better to pick it up cheap recently. The alternate-reality hopping tale involves comes a whole slew of alternate FFs, including a Fantastic Royal Family and Chamberlain Grimm. Later, the genteel Chamberlain gets swept up into cross-time adventure with the regular FF, a cowboy FF, a pirate FF, and a World War II era FF. Then things get weird. Unfortunately, with everything else going on, and Norman Osborn in the mix, we don't see too much more of Chamberlain Grimm, but we learn that he can't fly and that he'd rather drink fine wine than grog. He is, in fact, almost out of his element engaging in  unseemly gutter fisticuffs:

Dear me, this is a most revolting development.



MetFanMac said...

Monocles make EVERYTHING better.

Miguel said...

The monocles are great, yes. This is so funny. Congratulations for your blog, by the way.

Joseph said...

I am going to try my darndest to slip "Mi'Lady" or "tis the clobbering hour" into conversation this weekend. Well done. Great blog!