Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Dick Tracy" to Become Readable, Viewable Again.

I'm pretty excited to hear about the new creative team of artist Joe Staton and writer Mike Curtis coming onto the DICK TRACY newspaper strip. I've been a Tracy fan since seeing a collection of the Chester Gould strips in The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy as a child, and borrowing the same book over and over again for the next ten years. (I now own a copy) Unfortunately, the venerable strip has fallen on hard times in recent years:

Dick Locher has finally relinquished his hold on the legendary cop and allowed a new creative team to take over...and not a moment too soon. I hate to speak ill of the elderly, but he's retiring a wealthy man, and Dick Tracy has been terrible since forever. Staton and Curtis have been auditioning for the strip for some time now, and I've seen a few samples of their style:

These are from an online Tracy tribute strip that the two did for a website that has since disappeared. The new team may just straight up reuse this story for Dick Tracy proper, so don't be surprised if the debut storyline involves Flyface and "The Fifth". I've always enjoyed Staton's work and I'm loving the work I see here. Here's hoping the new look leads to some new interest in a favorite comic strip.


TIM said...

Ah, it will be so nice to have
my dear Dick back to his classic
form again.

hobbyfan said...

I wish I could say I'm looking forward to this, except that Dick Tracy is no longer available to me. None of the papers in my area carry the strip, and the NY Daily News, which had been home to Tracy seemingly forever, dropped it some years back.

Given Joe Staton's track record, though, this will be some great reading. If there's a way to access it online, I'd love to find it.

Brian Hughes said...

The new strips don't start until sometime in March.

coco67 said...

I want to see more Tricky Prickears, The Blind, Deaf Cop!