Saturday, February 05, 2011

So What the FF is Going On With Spider-Man?

Spoiler Alert....Spoilers for upcoming Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four comics ahead!

Well, as we all know by now, the Human Torch is no more, having sacrificed himself to bar the gate against the Annihilation Wave. A noble and touching end indeed, and we are all left wondering, how will the Fantastic Four continue after this? The answer lies in the pages of FF, and it may involve none other than your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man: 

Reed Richards has been working with a group of young geniuses in his Future Foundation recently, (which may actually be what "FF" stands for, come to think of it), and he may invite Peter to participate and/or join the FF. The Marcos Martin costume design shown above showed up a few times last convention season when "Big Time" was first announced, but I haven't seen a trace of it online or elsewhere since. Marvel is being secretive about their April solicits for both FF and Amazing Spider-Man, so don't be too surprised if that's when Spidey joins another team.


Stephen said...

Marvel being secretive? lol, when does THAT happen anymore? I'm sure this will be on CNN tomorrow.

Stephen T. Harper said...

I totally remember that "What if..."
At least I think I do. The 50 cent price is when, about 1980?"

Hey, Brian. Loved your sight for a while now, but just started blogging recently myself, so I thought I'd "follow."

Mego Thor said...

I've always considered Spidey an unofficial member of the FF anyways. His ties to that team have always been stronger than any Avengers associations.